Edit profile

Edit your resource profile from the More Options menu


The ellipses icon at the bottom-right of the screen (in the nav bar) provides access to additional features and functions:

  • User’s profile their profile image, their username, and their team name.

  • Settings–all the settings related to the Skedulo v2 mobile app (including profile, preferred notification, etc.)

  • Shifts–(optional) access to the shifts calendar view.

  • Support—allows resources to submit feedback, or reach out for support.

  • Logout–exits the app, prompts the user to confirm if they want to log out of the application.

  • App version–the version number of the installed Skedulo v2 mobile app.

Edit profile

Tap More on the navigation bar to view the options provided.

Tapping on the username button (at the top) opens the profile view. The profile view shows a summary of your user details.

Feedback and support

When configured, users can log issues that will be escalated to a support agent via email. Selecting this action will launch the mobile device’s email application and create a pre-addressed email—which supplies information about the device and user, to help with diagnosis.