Add new resources in Skedulo for Salesforce


We define a resource as either a person or a physical asset that is in the field.

A person resource (e.g., staff, contractors, or 3rd parties) is associated with a Salesforce user record; however, an asset resource requires no user record as it is typically an object (e.g., devices and vehicles).

Step-by-step guide using Salesforce

Step 1

Check if the resource is a Salesforce user.

If this is a person resource, first, make sure this person is already set up as a Salesforce user. If this is an asset resource, go straight to step 2.

Create & edit Salesforce users.

Step 2

Create a new resource:

  • Using Salesforce Classic: Go to the Resource (tab) and click New.
  • Using Salesforce Lightning: Go to the App Launcher > Resources and click New.

Step 3

Fill out the fields for your resource:

  • Resource Name.
  • Resource Type.
  • User (resource) (attach a resource to the Salesforce user) (Note: Only if this is a “person” resource!)
  • Primary Region.
  • Mobile Phone (if using SMS) or Email.
  • Notification Type (either SMS or Email).
  • Country Code (for SMS).
  • Home Address (Note: addresses entered in the Salesforce UI will not automatically be geo-located. However, any addresses entered in the web app will automatically be geo-located).
  • IsActive (to ensure they can be “scheduled” as a resource within the Skedulo web app).

An example of a semi-completed resource record in Salesforce Lightning. Edit the user field to attach a resource to the licensed Salesforce user.

Step 4

To add a photo for a resource.

Go to the resource’s Chatter profile in Salesforce and upload a chatter profile photo (this will then be displayed within Skedulo).

Add or change profile image.