Confirm device compatibility

Check that your mobile device can run the Skedulo v2 mobile app.


The Skedulo v2 mobile app is available for both Android and iOS(Apple) mobile and tablet devices.

For optimum performance and device compatibility, Skedulo recommends using Android and iOS devices that are less than three(3) years old.


Device compatibility

iOS (Apple)

Supported models
Operating System requirement
Mobile iPhone 7 or later OS 14.0.0 or later versions
Tablet iPad 5th Gen or later
iPad Air 2 or later
iPad Mini or later
OS 14.0.0 or later versions


Type Supported models Operating System requirement
Mobile All major Android devices released in the last three years are supported. The app is optimized for Samsung and Google Pixel devices. Android version 8.0 or later
Tablet Samsung tablets released in the last 3 years are supported. Android version 8.0 or later


Checking mobile device compatibility

Users can check if their mobile device is compatible with the Skedulo mobile app directly from their device.

Open your mobile device’s browser and open the following URL:

Android permissions

Android 10 or later users must set appropriate permissions for the Skedulo v2 mobile app to function correctly.

When users with an Android device running with Android version 10 or later install the Skedulo v2 mobile app, or if location permissions have previously been refused, the following prompt explains how Skedulo uses location tracking:

About locations - Skedulo collects location data to enable accurate scheduling during your working hours, even when the app is closed or not in use. It does not collect location data outside of your working hours or if you are logged out.]

After clicking Okay, users should select While using the app when asked to provide permission to access the device location.

Allow Skedulo to access this device's location? This app may want to access your location all the time, even when you're not using the app. Allow in settings. Options: While using the app, Only this time, Deny.

This allows location services to work while the Skedulo app is in focus. Skedulo also requires background location tracking to support en-route services.

An information screen explaining this is presented to users after granting initial location permission.

Allow location access all the time on the next screen for: Tracking your location while the app is in the background and sharing your location with your organisation while traveling for scheduling and safety purposes.

After clicking Okay, users should select Allow all the time from the next screen.

Location permission for the Skedulo app - Location access for this app, select Allow all the time.

Selecting these permissions allows all functions in the Skedulo mobile app to work as expected.

Skedulo only tracks a resource’s location during the time they are available, even when permission has been set to Allow all the time.

If permission is set to Allow only while using the app, the following Skedulo features will be unavailable:

  • Current location
  • Actual route
  • Geolocation on job status change

Improvements to privacy and security

To improve privacy and security, Skedulo no longer caches some information related to user identity in the mobile app.

The following information is no longer retained:

  • Username - the app no longer stores a list of usernames on the device, even if the Remember me option is selected on the Salesforce login screen.
    Users must supply their username (and password) on each login.

  • MFA tokens - Users must supply an MFA authentication on each login.

This does not impact the frequency of user logins required.

Users only have to supply information after they have logged out.

Mobile device browser compatibility

For Android devices, we recommend installing and using the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser.

For iOS devices, Safari will do just fine. However, we recommend staying up-to-date with the latest iOS version.