Log in with Single Sign-On via Salesforce

Streamline your access to the Skedulo web app by leveraging Single Sign-On (SSO) through Salesforce.

Logging into the Skedulo Web App

Option 1: Direct Login from Salesforce

Log in to the Salesforce environment via SSO using the appropriate credentials. Due to authenticating with Salesforce via SSO, users will be seamlessly logged into the Skedulo web app without the need for additional credentials.

Option 2: Access Skedulo Web App via direct URL

Directly access the Skedulo Web App via the dedicated environment URL. For example, “your-environment.my.skedulo.com”. Users be redirected to Salesforce to log in via Salesforce SSO.

Option 3: Access Skedulo Web App via app.skedulo.com

Users are able to navigate to app.skedulo.com and enter their Team Name, where they will be redirected to Salesforce to login via Salesforce SSO

How to access the custom domain login on the web app.

Sandbox vs. production login

If you don’t do this it will fail the login with the following error: invalid_grant: authentication failure

If you experience this issue, log out and select the appropriate Salesforce or sandbox login for your custom domain.