Numbers for SMS delivery

Support for local numbers and short codes for SMS delivery.


Skedulo uses SMS as one of our supported methods to send notifications to deskless workers who use our mobile app.

Messages are sent to deskless workers when dispatching or updating work, or other notifications that are required for them to reasonably carry out their tasks as configured in their Skedulo workflow.

Skedulo delivers standard SMS notifications via local numbers in the following countries:  

  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • New Zealand

If the SMS recipient does not have a mobile number registered locally we will use one of the SMS services from the list above. This may result in additional charges for International SMS delivery.

Please contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager if you wish to request local delivery in another country. Due to local regulatory compliance requirements, this may not always be possible.

SMS delivery via short code in Canada

In some regions, including Canada, carriers are required to block messages identified as spam or unsolicited marketing.

To ensure that SMS messages sent from Skedulo are likely to reach their intended recipients, we use what is called a “short code” where required for some of our Canadian users to avoid filters that may prevent message delivery.

SMS short codes are a type of abbreviated phone number used to send and receive text messages. Short codes are country-specific, they cannot be used to send or receive SMS messages internationally.