Known Skedulo Mobile app Issue - Crashing on iOS 13.1.2


There is a known issue with the Skedulo mobile app specifically for users on iOS 13.1.2 with versions 2.85 of the Skedulo app and above, where upon updating to iOS 13.1.2, if notifications are not allowed (either from a fresh install, or manually from settings) the Skedulo app will crash.


This will impact users that have recently updated to version 13.1.2 and do not allow notifications for Skedulo.


The current workaround for this issue is to allow notifications for the Skedulo Application in settings of the phone.

Navigate to Settings -> Notifications -> Skedulo.

Note, if the user does not want to receive any notifications, they can have notifications on and everything off except for badges and the app will open again but they won’t see any notifications come through.