Getting started

Introduction to the Skedulo mobile app


The Skedulo mobile app is designed to be used by field-based resources. The application enables resources to use the following features:

  • View and accept jobs.

  • Decline jobs (dependent on the organization’s resource job acceptance process).

  • Submit leave requests (unavailability).

  • Create activities.

  • Access job information such as job details, attachments, notes, and product information.

  • View and add attachments (including photos from a mobile phone), notes and products to a job.

  • Check-in to a job.

  • Capture what was done on a job.

  • Complete a job including capturing a signature.

  • Create a follow-up job.

  • View current, future and past job details.

  • Access connected pages (where these have been implemented as advanced customization as part of the Skedulo implementation).