Add custom fields to jobs

Configure custom fields for jobs in Skedulo for Salesforce.


Custom fields can be set up to allow additional information to be stored against a job. These are in the form of additional fields in the Fields tab of each record, and they can be configured to be shown and editable in the web app and/or mobile app. 

For more information about viewing and filling custom fields in the mobile app, see Customize fields.

Configuring custom fields for work

Custom fields can be configured in Skedulo for Salesforce. For more information on creating and managing custom fields, see:

Viewing custom fields

Once configured, custom fields are displayed in the job details view, under the Fields tab.

Screenshot of the job details page, showing the Fields tab with a custom field

Custom field input types

Custom fields can include a range of input types including:

  • Text fields
  • Labels
  • Lookups
  • Picklists
  • Multi-Picklists
  • Rich text
  • URLs
  • Numbers
  • Date and/or Time
  • Checkboxes