Set geofencing rules for Skedulo Plus

Use geofencing to prevent users from starting or completing work further than a set distance from their job location in the Skedulo Plus mobile app.


Geofencing allows you to set rules to prevent Skedulo Plus users from starting or completing work outside a set distance from the work location. This feature is useful for ensuring that work is completed at the correct location and to prevent users from starting work before they arrive at the job location.

Users must have location tracking enabled on their device to use geofencing. The Skedulo Plus mobile app uses the device’s GPS to track the user’s location and determine when they are within the geofence.

Set up geofencing rules

Admin users can set geofencing rules for Skedulo Plus users in the Skedulo web app settings menu.

  1. In the Skedulo web app, navigate to Settings > Scheduling > Jobs.

  2. Select the geofencing rules that you want to apply:

    • Prevent resources form starting work outside the geofence.
    • Prevent resources from completing work outside the geofence.

    Geofencing rules

  3. Set the maximum distance from the job location depending on your team’s distance measurement preference. Minimum distance inputs are required for each measurement type:

    • Metric: the specified radius must be 50 metres or greater.
    • Imperial: the specified radius must be 164.1 feet or greater.
  4. Click Save to apply the geofencing rules.

When enabled, users will receive a notification if they attempt to start or complete work outside the geofence. The notification will prompt the user to move closer to the job location to start or complete work.

Geofencing notification

Manage job completion when outside the geofence

If a resource forgets or is unable to complete the job within the configured geofence, the admin or scheduler can manually complete the job in the Skedulo web app.

Resources can then adjust the completion times based on the time they actually completed the job.