Swap a job

Swap a job using the Skedulo v2 mobile app


Resources can swap jobs from the Skedulo v2 mobile app when the job swap feature is enabled. Job swap allows a resource to offer a job they have been scheduled to other resources who are not on any exclusion lists related to the job.

This gives resources some flexibility over their schedule and alleviates the workload on schedulers when unforeseen circumstances mean a resource is unable to attend a job.

Enable the job swap feature

Users with Administrator permissions can enable the resource Job Swap feature using the Skedulo web app.

Auto allocate

The job swap feature is designed to be used with the Auto allocate feature so that schedulers do not have to approve job offers when they are made by resources.

Turn on the Auto allocate workflow option:

  1. Open the Settings -> Workflow page.

  2. Click the Offers tab.

  3. Select Auto allocate under Job offers.

Enable resource job swap

  1. Open the Settings -> Beta features menu in the Skedulo web application.

  2. Select Enable resources to offer their allocated jobs to other resources via the mobile app.

  3. Click Save.

Swap a Job

When the Job Swap feature has been enabled, resources can swap their allocated jobs using the Skedulo v2 mobile app. This enables resources to change their schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, or pick up extra jobs that have been made available by other resources.

  1. In the Skedulo Web app, open the job you want to swap with other resources and tap the Actions button.

  2. Tap Offer Job.

  3. Select the resources that you want to offer the job to from the list, then tap Send.

  4. Click Continue to send the job offer to the selected resources.

    Deallocate and offer jobs - After sending the job offer, this job will be removed from your agenda. You will also automatically receive the job offer. Are you sure you want to continue?

    Alternatively, tap Cancel to keep the job.

The Skedulo v2 mobile app displays a confirmation screen when the job has successfully been offered to alternative resources.

Error: Unable to Send Offer

The following errors can occur when a resource attempts to offer a job to other resources:

Unable to send offer:

  • You are not allocated to this job.

  • The job is already under offer.

  • The job start time has already passed.

  • The job has already been started.

  • The job has been locked by your administrator and cannot be offered.

Something went wrong:

  • This job may not be have been offered. Please contact your scheduler to confirm.

  • You have not enabled an API User.