Build a Skedulo Plus form with Form Builder components

Use the Form Builder to create a custom mobile form for the Skedulo Plus mobile application using components.


After you have created a Skedulo Plus mobile form with the basic form details in the Skedulo web app Form Builder, as described in the Create Skedulo Plus forms with Form Builder guide, you can add up to 40 components to the form to capture data from your mobile users.

Add components to a form

  1. Open the form created in Create Skedulo Plus forms with Form Builder, or a draft form that you have previously created.

  2. Click the Form builder tab to open the editor.

  3. Click Add new component to open the list of available components. Add component to form

  4. Click the plus icon next to the component you want to add to the form. Add read-only component to form

    This opens the configuration panel for the component. For a complete list of Form Builder components and their properties, see Form Builder components.

  5. In this example, we will add a read-only field to include some context in the form, a text input field to capture a customer’s name, a picklist to select a product, and a date picker to capture the date of the customer’s order:

    1. Read-only component:
      • Heading: Order details
      • Text to display: Please complete the form to place an order. Read-only component example in Skedulo Plus
    2. Text input component:
      • Label: Customer name
      • Keyboard type: Default
      • Placeholder text: Customer name
      • Required: True
      • Multi-line: False
      • Validation rules: Leave unchanged Text input component example in Skedulo Plus
    3. Drop-down component:
      • Label: Product
      • Placeholder text: Select a product
      • Required: True
      • Add drop-down choices: Product A, Product B, Product C Picklist component example in Skedulo Plus
    4. Date picker component:
      • Label: Order date
      • Required: True Date picker component example in Skedulo Plus
  6. Click Save.

Re-order components

You can re-order the components in the form by dragging the component re-order iconRe-order grab and drag icon and dropping them into the desired order.

Re-order components in the Form Builder

Install the form in Skedulo Plus

When you are ready to make the form available to your mobile users, you can install the form from the Form Builder in the Skedulo web app.

  1. Open the form that you want to install in the Form Builder in the Skedulo web app.

  2. Click Install in the upper-right corner of the page.

  3. The following confirmation message is displayed: Install form confirmation message Click Confirm & Install to install the form. When the form has finished installing, the following message is displayed and the form status changes to Installed:

    Form installed confirmation message

  4. Open a job in the Skedulo Plus app to view the list of available forms, including the one we created in this article.

    Job details screen in Skedulo Plus showing the list of forms Job details screen in Skedulo Plus showing the form we created