Configure the navigation menu

Customize the features that users can access from the top navigation bar in the web app.


The navigation menu is the header navigation bar located at the top of every Skedulo page. It is the primary tool used to navigate across the Skedulo web application.

The global navigation menu.

As an administrator, you can customize the contents of the menu using options on the Navigation menu settings page.

Type Description
Page The standard set of pages that are available in the web application. For example, Swimlane, Calendar, and Job Details.
Platform page (beta) Next-generation pages that provide more powerful functionalities.
Web extension A customization feature that extends the Skedulo web application UI. It enables you to build custom user interfaces using our Skedulo Lens API, GraphQL schema, and other third-party providers.
Link Any URL you provide.
No Link The menu item is not hyperlinked. This can optionally be leveraged to group a series of menu items where there is no natural destination for the parent menu item.

Order and nest menu items

Administrators can modify the ordering of the navigation menu by dragging a menu item to a new position.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Navigation menu.

  2. Click and hold a menu item in the list. The cursor changes to indicate the item can be moved.

    Drag and drop menu items

  3. Drag a menu item up or down to change its position in the list. Drag a menu item to the right to nest it beneath a parent item.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

  5. Refresh your browser window to view the updated navigation menu.

Add a menu item

To add a new item to the Navigation menu:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Navigation menu.
  2. Click Add menu item to display the Add menu item modal. Add menu item modal
  3. On the Add menu item modal:
    1. Enter a name for the new menu item, for example, Job Offers.
    2. Choose the type of event that will be triggered.
      • If you selected Page or Platform page, select a destination page from the drop-down menu.
      • If you selected Web extension, select a web extension from the list.
      • If you selected Link, enter the URL. The Add menu item dialog.
    3. Click the Roles with access drop-down and select all roles that must be able to access the item in the navigation menu.
    4. Click Apply.
  4. On the Configure the navigation menu page, click and drag the new menu item to where you want it to appear. The new menu item in the list.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Refresh your browser window to view the updated navigation menu. The new menu item is added to the navigation menu.

Role-based-customization of the navigation menu