View notifications

View work notifications in the Skedulo v2 mobile app


The notification view in the Skedulo v2 mobile app shows a queue of jobs that have been allocated and dispatched to the resource. The jobs in this queue are yet to be accepted (or confirmed).

If a resource chooses to accept a job, its status will change to Confirmed and will be moved to the agenda.

View notifications

When the resource has allocated jobs, which are yet to be accepted (also known as “Unaccepted jobs”) a small red numerical counter appears on the notification button (located in the nav bar at the bottom of the agenda view). This indicator will display regardless if they have been read or not and will remain in the list until the job is accepted, declined or canceled.

Tap the Notifications button to open the Notifications screen.

All the notifications received are displayed in a sequence in the notifications view as cards (with all unaccepted jobs listed at the top). Those that are less than seven days old are listed under the header Last 7 days.

Each card contains details relating to the action performed, e.g., New job, Job canceled, Shift updated. Each notification type is marked with a colored icon:

  • Green: New alerts.

  • Orange: Update alerts.

  • Red: Cancellation alerts.

Tap the job card to open and view the job’s details. Tap the shift card to open the shifts calendar.

View up notifications for up to seven days

Notifications are shown in the list for seven days, from the device’s date (with up to a maximum of 100 notifications being stored, i.e., if 100 notifications are received in three days, the list will only show three days).

Notifications can be viewed for jobs that are outside of the apps cached window, i.e., a job scheduled for more than 90 days from the current date. However, you will not be able to access a job’s details until they are 90 days or less (from the current date).

If the resource is not online at the time of dispatch when they reconnect, Skedulo will synchronize, the notification view will update, and a counter will be applied.

Reminder notifications are not shown in the notifications view.

Notifications for recurring schedules

When jobs are on a recurring schedule, the total number of jobs in that schedule will be shown in the notifications panel for the upcoming three months. i.e., If the schedule contains 40 jobs over four months, and 30 of those are in the first three months, 30 jobs will be added to the total.

A scheduler may ask their resource to accept each recurring job individually, or all in one go; the count indicator will reflect this action.

For example, when Acknowledge all jobs is set, each job has to be accepted, and the count indicator will reflect this. When Acknowledge all jobs is not set, once one job in the recurrence is accepted, all jobs from that recurrence are removed from the count indicator.