Create and manage extensions


Create and manage your web extensions within Skedulo. Please note, Extensions was formerly called Connected pages.

To access the web extensions settings page, navigate to Settings > Developer tools > Web extensions.

Developer mode

Enable developer mode to start creating and developing extensions. When enabled, Skedulo will be connected with the Packages SDK.

Enable or disable Developer mode using the buttons provided. The default value is OFF (Disabled).

Developer mode button

Web extensions

In the Web extensions section, the following settings can be configured:

Web app pages

Extensions can enhance the capabilities of your Skedulo implementation. The web application comes with a GraphiQL extension pre-installed. Install the Skedulo Packages SDK to begin creating your own customized solutions.

Also, see Skedulo Developer Documentation: Standalone web extensions.

The GraphiQL page can be used to query the Skedulo APIs. To begin, select it from the list (check the box) and click the Publish button. A new GraphiQL button will appear in the navigation menu bar.

Example queries are provided and can be executed or run using the Play button in the top bar.

The admin settings for web app extensions.

Publishing the GraphiQL extension.

Using GraphiQL to query for queued jobs using the Skedulo APIs.