Confirm device compatibility

Confirm device compatibility for the Skedulo Plus mobile app.


The Skedulo Plus mobile app is available for both Android and iOS(Apple) mobiles and tablets.

For optimum performance and device compatibility, Skedulo recommends using Android and iOS devices that are less than three years old and running the latest version of the Android or iOS operating system.

Minimum device specifications

Android minimum specifications
Operating system Android 9 or later (latest version + four(4) past versions)
CPU Quad Core Processor + /2GHz +
RAM 4GB or more.
Storage 60MB or more.
iPhone minimum specifications
Operating system iOS 14 or later (latest version + two(2) past versions)
Device iPhone 6s or later.

No beta OS support

The Skedulo Plus mobile app is not supported for Android or iOS beta version operating systems.

Checking mobile device compatibility

Users can check if their mobile device is compatible with the Skedulo Plus mobile app directly from their device.

Open your mobile device’s browser and open the following URL:

Mobile device browser compatibility

For Android devices, we recommend installing and using the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser.

For iOS devices, Safari will suffice, however, we recommend staying up-to-date with the latest iOS version.