Override system-generated pages

A tutorial taking you through the process of overriding the default system-generated pages and configuring your data.

In order to demonstrate what can be accomplished using page builder in the Skedulo Pulse Platform, we will guide you through the process of creating a custom object, overriding the system-generated pages, and then configuring how collected data is presented in the list view using a fictional Arcade game machine hiring business.

For more information about each of the steps, click through to the linked articles.

1. Create a custom object

Create the new Arcade Games custom object. Skedulo will automatically generate a set of pages as well as a resource configuration, a validation schema, and a basic list configuration.

Create a new custom object

2. Add custom fields

Add custom fields to the Arcade Games object so that you can input the data you need when you create a new record. By default, all the custom fields you add here will be rendered on the Create record, Edit record, and View record pages.

Create a new custom object

3. Configure the navigation menu

Before you configure your -create, -edit, and -view pages, it can be helpful to configure the navigation menu in order to make it easier to engage with your data. For example, you could add links to the arcade-games-create page and the arcade-games-list page.

navigation menu with options added

4. Configure the default record pages

Override the default -create, -edit, and -view pages and configure the content you want displayed using the components available from the Design System documentation. All the system-generated pages can be found on the Platform page.

5. Choose which columns are visible on your default list view page

The default list view page will not contain any of your custom fields. If you want to view any of the data from your custom fields in the list view, you must manually add the columns you want to be displayed on the Edit default columns page.

edit default columns page

6. Configure how your content is displayed on the List view page

Edit the column templates to configure how the data is presented within the list view. For example add hyperlinks or lozenges, or change the format of the text in a column.

edit columns

7. Override the default -list page

Finally, in order to further enhance the usability of your data, you can override the default -list template to include features like custom actions and a button that links to your Create record page.

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Edit the default columns

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Edit the column templates

Configure how your data is displayed on a List view page.

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