List view columns

Use the Columns option to choose which columns are visible


The Columns option enables you choose which columns are visible in a list view. 

Administrators have access to all list view functionality, but other roles have different levels of access depending on the custom permissions that have been set.

Choose which list view columns are visible

To display the Customize columns modal, click Columns at the top right of the list. The Customize columns modal enables users to customize which fields are displayed in a list view and change the order in which they are presented.

An administrator must configure the default columns available for use in a list view, but once configured, a general user can choose which ones are displayed and change the order in which they appear in the table.

The Customize columns modal is made up of four elements:

  • callout 1 A search to quickly find the columns you wish to display. 
  • callout 2 The columns available to be added to the list view.
  • callout 3 The columns that are currently selected for display.
  • callout 4 The display order of the columns.

The Columns menu with the columns option highlighted and numbered callouts.

Click Confirm when you’ve made changes to the Customize columns modal to ensure your changes are applied to the list view.