Mobile extensions page type definition

Introduction to the page types in the UI definition file.


Skedulo Plus extensions are built using a set of page types and UI components defined in the ui_def.json file.

AbstractPageComponent definition

The AbstractPageComponent definition is the logical components that contain all of the features that a page component can have.

Property Description
type The type of the page component.
title The title of the page from the navigation.

Page components are either list page components or flat page components.

  • A list page is used to render a mobile extension that contains a list of other components, which could be other list pages or flat pages.
  • A flat page is used to render a single record page as a mobile extension. For example, this could be a page that displays a summary about a product or a form that allows a user to submit data.

In the Job Products extension example, the title of the page component is JobProductListPage and the type is list.

  "firstPage": "JobProductListPage",
  "pages": {
    "JobProductListPage": {
      "title": "form.JobProductListPages.JobProductTitle",
      "type": "list",
      "addNew": {
        "text": "form.JobProductListPages.Add",
        "destinationPage": "UpsertJobProductPage",
        "defaultData": {
          "data": {
            "JobId": "${metadata.contextObjectId}"
          "objectName": "JobProducts"