Customize pages

Edit pages and customize your experience on the Skedulo Pulse Platform.


Customize system-generated or custom pages to choose what data is exposed on a page and how it is presented.

You can customize the following Tenant level pages:

  • -create
  • -edit
  • -view
  • -listview

Using the Skedulo Design System storybook, find components and modify the values as required.

For a detailed example walking through the process of customizing a set of pages, including the create, edit, and view pages, see Override system-generated pages.

To see the sort of customizations you can make to list view pages, see Customize list views and Overriding the default List view page in the walkthrough.

Customize a page

To customize a page:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Developer tools > Platform settings to display the Platform page list view.

  2. On the Platform page list view, click a page’s Name to view its Edit page.

    the edit page for the aircraft object

  3. In the Content window, add components and modify values as required.

  4. When you’ve made your changes, click Save.

Preview your changes

To preview your changes:

  1. Click Platform Pages (BETA) at the top left of the page to return to the Platform page list view.
  2. Click on the Slug name of the page you want to preview.