Skedulo Plus extension components overview

Understand the pages and components that are used to build Skedulo Plus extensions.


The components are used to define the layout of the page and the first page that is displayed when the extension is opened.

Property Description
firstPage Indicates which page to display first in the extension. A page is a layout component that is defined in the ui_def.json file.
pages An object that contains a type that specifies the layout for the page. An extension can consist of multiple pages.
readonly Indicates that the forms is read-only. When set to true, there is no Save button.

Page types and page components

Skedulo Plus extensions are made up of either a single page, or of bundles of pages.

Pages define the structure of the page and layout of the page components. Components are the smallest units that represent a piece of data in the UI definition, such as how a text field or a button is rendered.

A page in a mobile extension can be either a list page or a flat page, but it can have multiple page components.

The mobile UI components and how they are structured The mobile component layout

Form definition example

The following example demonstrates how these form properties are defined in the ui_def.json file for a Job Products list page.

  "firstPage": "JobProductListPage",
  "pages": {
    "JobProductListPage": {
      "title": "form.JobProductListPages.JobProductTitle",
      "type": "list",
      "sourceExpression": "formData.JobProducts",
      "emptyText": "form.JobProductListPages.Empty",
      "itemLayout": {
        "type": "titleAndCaption",
        "title": "form.JobProductListPages.ItemTitle",
        "caption": "form.JobProductListPages.ItemCaption"