Use the Skedulo Software Development Kit (SDK)

How to use the Skedulo Packages SDK to develop custom pages and server extensions for the web application and mobile.

The Skedulo Packages Software Development Kit (SDK), previously known as the Connected Pages SDK, can be used to build, test, and deploy custom web extensions for the Skedulo web application and mobile application, or to build packages of custom content.

It builds non-standard functionality into the Skedulo web application using our APIs and GraphQL schema. This functionality may be required by schedulers and resources in the field.

Custom web extensions and mobile extensions enhance the functionality offered by Skedulo by building additional logic or views within a secure context.

SDK components

This new version of the Skedulo SDK includes the developer environments for creating web extensions and Skedulo packages:

  • Standalone web extensions - Standalone web extensions is the new terminology for what we previously called “connected pages”. Both standalone web extensions and web extensions developed within a package are supported with the new Package SDK.

    Web extensions can be developed using the SDK in the same way web extensions were developed in previous iterations of the SDK, or they can be developed and deployed as a web extension component of a Skedulo package.

  • Skedulo Packages - Skedulo packages are a way to group Skedulo-specific functionality and deploy it as a single unit into an organization. These usually include Skedulo functions and libraries of dependencies that are shared between projects within a package.

    A package can consist of a group of the following components:

    • Web extensions - When deployed as a package component, web extensions can take advantage of shared dependencies and related content in other package components, usually Skedulo functions.
    • Mobile extensions - Mobile extensions provide customization for the Skedulo v2 mobile application that are developed as an offline-first customization. They can only be deployed as part of a Skedulo package.
    • Libraries - Libraries are reusable Javascript modules that facilitate sharing code between different package components.
    • Skedulo Functions - Functions are a serverless API platform provided by Skedulo for hosting custom REST APIs.

    The main purpose of packaging is to group together a collection of related customized features and functionality so they can be deployed to your organization simultaneously.

Install and set up Skedulo Packages SDK

Install and set up the Skedulo SDK.