Introduction to pages

Creating and customizing pages in the Skedulo Pulse Platform.

Skedulo’s Page builder is a template-driven framework that renders Horizon components. Use Page builder to configure or create pages to meet your business requirments using a set of predefined components.

What is a page?

Pages are rendered from templates that are automatically generated by the system in response to custom object creation. These system-generated pages can then be configured using our Horizon and Breeze components.

Components are reusable parts of the user interface that have been made to support a variety of applications. You can use individual components in many different templates and contexts.

All available components can be found in the component libraries:

  • The Breeze UI component library contains all of the development instructions and core base level components for building effective user interfaces. Breeze UI components are used to build Horizon components to ensure consistent UI experiences.

  • The Horizon UI component library contains larger product specific components, which have scheduling-specific logic and naming conventions.

Types of pages

Pages can be loosely grouped into the following three types, but they are all essentially the same underneath and can be configured to display the information required using our design system and component packages.

Record pages

Record pages are CRUD pages that are automatically generated by the system in response to an object being created. They are used for viewing, modifying, and creating records. They are customizable using our horizon and breeze components so you can control the data which is exposed and how the page is rendered.

List view pages

A list view defines the data that appears when a user navigates to a list of records for a given object. When a user views a list view page, it usually displays a subset of the fields belonging to the object.

Custom pages

Expand and curate your own experience on the Skedulo Pulse Platform. On the Platform Pages page, click Create New to create a custom page from scratch using our Horizon and Breeze components.

Accessing your page templates

A full list of the standard and custom page templates accessible on your tenant can be found on the Platform Pages page. To view this page, navigate to Settings > Developer tools > Platform settings.

The Platform Pages page is a list view page, and so contains the standard Filter, Sort, and Customise Columns options to help you locate individual pages with ease.

list view filter options

Editing a page

To configure what data is exposed on a page and how it is presented:

  1. From the Platform Pages list view page, click a page name to view its Edit page. This page contains the template used to build the page.
  2. In the Content window, add or modify the components. A full list of Skedulo’s Breeze and Horizon components are available here. For more information about the types of changes you could make, see Overriding system-generated pages.
  3. When you’ve made your changes, click Save.

Previewing a page

To preview your page while making edits, or just to view it before adding shortcuts to it on the Navigation menu, in the address bar, append your environment address with /platform/page/ and the name of the page you want to view. For example, the location of a create new invoice page might look as follows in the address bar:

Understanding system-generated pages

Understanding components

Use Breeze and Horizon components to customize and create pages