ReadOnly text

Configure the Read-only text component for Skedulo Plus flat page mobile extensions.


The readonlyTextView component renders text or data that automatically scales to fit its content. Users cannot edit this text editor directly, unlike the textEditor component. It’s ideal for displaying non-editable information or values within your forms. Here are some key use cases:

  • Displaying Read-Only Values: This component is perfect for showcasing information like pre-filled data, calculated values, or system-generated details that users shouldn’t modify.

  • Conditional Visibility with showIf: Combine this component with the showIf property to conditionally display text based on specific form conditions. This allows for dynamic presentations of information relevant to the current form state.

The Read-only component used in a flat page component.

ReadOnly TextView component properties

Property Description
Common flat page editor components properties Common properties in Flat page components.
title The title of the field.
validator Validation logic for the field.
text The content of the field.

ReadOnly TextView component example

The following example demonstrates how the ReadOnly TextView Editor component appears in the UI Components Showcase example form.

You can download our example forms, including the UI Components Showcase from the Skedulo Plus Examples repository.

Example configuration

The following example demonstrates how the readonlyTextView component in the example above is configured in the ui_def.json file of the UI Components Showcase example.


  "type": "readonlyTextView",
  "title": "form.ShowCasePage.ReadonlyTextViewTitle",
  "text": "form.ShowCasePage.ReadonlyTextViewText",
  "caption": "form.ShowCasePage.ReadonlyTextViewHint"


The corresponding localized strings in the /static_resources/locales/en.json file are:

  "forms": {
    "ShowCasePage": {
      "ReadonlyTextViewTitle": "Readonly text view title",
      "ReadonlyTextViewText": "Readonly text view content",
      "ReadonlyTextViewHint": "Readonly text view hint"