Build and deploy embedded web extensions

Creating web extensions as embedded custom tabs on jobs and resources pages.

Embedded web extensions are a way for you to add additional information in custom tabs to resource or job details pages in the Skedulo web application.

This could include additional scheduling information or organization data that you want to accessible from those pages in the web application.

  1. Open your Skedulo package in the Skedulo Packages SDK, or create a new package.

  2. Click Add Web Extension to create a new web extension and complete the page information.

  3. Select Embedded from the Render type drop-down menu.

  4. Select either Job details or Resource details from the Embedded hook drop-down menu.

    In the following example, this web extension will be added to the Resource details page in the Skedulo web application.

    Embedded details

  5. Click Create Webpage Project to create the embedded web extension in the package.

    The new embedded web extension appears in the list of Web Extensions in the SDK package page.

  6. Click Develop to open the web extension development environment in the SDK, just as you would with a standalone web extension.

  7. When you have finished developing the embedded web extension, click Upload source to deploy the new version of the package to your organization.

  8. Open the Manage Packages web extension in your Skedulo web application, then click on the package name.

  9. When the new package version that you want to install has finished building, click Install.

  10. Refresh the Skedulo web application to apply the changes.

  11. Navigate to Resources > People and select one of your resources.

    The embedded web extension appears as a tab on the resource profile.

    Web extension tab