Use list views

Access list view functionality and manage permissions.


A list view defines the data that appears when a user navigates to a list of records for a given object. When a user views a list view page, it usually displays a subset of the fields belonging to the object. Dependent on permissions, you can choose what data is available to be displayed and how it is displayed, and then further customize this data through filtering, sorting, and column configuration.

List views are made up of four key elements:

  • The list view name.
  • The filters that are applied.
  • The sort order.
  • The columns that are presented.

Each different combination of these elements comes together to create a specific list view.

Manage list view permissions

List views are incredibly powerful due to their personalization capabilities. Administrators have access to all list view functionality, but other roles have different levels of access depending on any custom permissions that have been set.

To update the permissions granted to a role:

  1. In the Skedulo web app, navigate to Settings > Users & roles > User roles.
  2. Click the name of the role for which you want to adjust the permissions, for example, Scheduler.
  3. Expand the Custom list views section to view the available permissions.
  4. Select the permissions you want to assign to the selected role.
  5. Click Save.

Also, see

Functional permissions and custom roles

Configure a menu item to use the enhanced List view feature

Existing lists, such as the Jobs list, can be configured to display the enhanced list views feature.

To configure a menu item so that the enhanced list view feature is displayed:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Web app configuration > Navigation menu.
  2. In the Menu items list, click edit menu item button Edit menu item beside the menu item you want to edit.
  3. On the Edit menu item modal, select Platform page (beta) from the Type list.
  4. From the Destination platform page drop-down menu, select the platform page you want to direct the menu item to.
  5. Click Done.