Menu list

Configure the Menu list component for Skedulo Plus flat page mobile extensions.


The Menu List component enables the creation of a Menu on a flat page that can navigate to other pages. The number of items on the menu is static, meaning each item is individually preconfigured. If a dynamically rendered menu is needed, then please consider using a List Page instead.

Property Description
Common flat page components Common properties in Flat page components.
items An array to configure the items for a menu.
items[].text The text on each item.
items[].itemClickDestination The page to navigate to when clicking on that item.
items[].badgeText Generates a small badge on the right side, to display additional information on that item.
items[].icon A string corresponding to an icon to be displayed. The supported icons can be found here.

Example configuration

The following example demonstrates how the menuList component in the example above is configured in the ui_def.json file of the UI Components Showcase example form.

You can download our example forms, including the UI Components Showcase from the Skedulo Plus Examples repository.


  "type": "menuList",
  "items": [
      "icon": "calendar",
      "text": "form.LandingPage.FlatPage",
      "itemClickDestination": "FlatPage",
      "badgeText": ""
      "icon": "search",
      "text": "form.LandingPage.ListPage",
      "itemClickDestination": "ListPage",
      "badgeText": "ui.two"