Configure a button or group of buttons in your mobile extension.


The ButtonGroup flat page component is used to create (render) one or multiple buttons on a flat page.

ButtonGroup properties

Property Description
Common flat page set The common properties are used to control the behavior and visibility of flat page component.
ButtonGroupItem[] List of buttons to be rendered.

ButtonGroupItem properties

Property Description
text Button Text. Localized key.
theme “success”, “primary”, or “default”
behavior ButtonBehaviorComponentModel
custom Add a custom expression or function to be triggered when the button is tapped.
phone Enter a phone number so that a call is initiated to the number when the button is tapped.
sms Enter a mobile number so that an sms can be written and sent to the number when the button is tapped.
email Enter an email address so that an email client is opened and an email can be written and sent when the button is tapped.
openUrl Enter a website address that will be opened in a browser when the button is tapped.
openSelector Add a customized selector page that opens for users to select data from a list. Additional custom functions can be used as demonstrated in the example below.
disabled A data expression that returns a boolean that indicates whether the button is disabled or not. In the UI, the button appears greyed out and is not active.
icon The icon name string. See the list of supported icons below.

Button group layout

The layout of button groups depends on the number of buttons in the group. The images below illustrate how the buttons appear in different group sizes:

One button

The appearance of one button on its own

Two buttons

The appearance of two buttons next to each other

More than 2

The appearance of multiple buttons stacked

Button behaviors

A button behavior can be specified for each button to impart properties related to its function. The behaviors that are supported are: Custom, Phone, SMS, Email, OpenURL, and OpenSelector. A description and example of each of these is provided in this section.

Custom behavior

When the button is tapped, an expression (or function) is triggered.


 "behavior": {
    "type": "custom",
    "functionExpression": "cf.setButtonGroupProxyData('From one button')"

Phone behavior

When the button is tapped, a phone call is initiated to the phone number on the button.


"behavior": {
    "type": "phone",
    "phoneNumberExpression": "pageData.PhoneNumber" /* Phone number expression */

SMS behavior

When the button is tapped, an sms message to the phone number on the button is initiated.


"behavior": {
    "type": "sms",
    "phoneNumberExpression": "pageData.SmsPhoneNumber" /* Phone number expression */

Email behavior

When the button is tapped, an email to the address on the button is initiated.


"behavior": {
    "type": "email",
    "emailExpression": "pageData.EmailUser" /* Email expression */

Open URL behavior

When the button is tapped, a web page is opened with the URL on the button loaded.


"behavior": {
    "type": "openUrl",
    "urlExpression": "pageData.URL" /* Url expression */

Open selector behavior

When the button is tapped, a selector page is opened and events can be used for further processing.


export interface OpenSelectorButtonBehaviorComponentModel extends ButtonBehaviorComponentModel {
    selectPage: SelectPageConfig;
    events: {
        onDataChosen: FunctionExpressionType;
export type SelectPageConfig = {
    searchBar: {
        filterOnProperties: string[] | undefined; /* Filter on which properties of item */
        placeholder: LocalizedKey; /* Search bar placeholder */
    itemCaption: LocalizedKey; /* Row caption */
    itemTitle: LocalizedKey; /* Row item title */
    dataSourceExpression: DataExpressionType;
    emptyText: LocalizedKey; /* Empty text when selector page has no data */
    filterExpression?: DataExpressionType; /* Filter item source before displaying to user */
    singleSelectionConfig: {
        dismissPageAfterChosen: boolean;
    } | undefined;
    isMultiSelect?: boolean; /* Single or multi select */
    header: {
        title: LocalizedKey; /* Page title */
        hasClearBtn: boolean; /* Has clear button or not */
    } | undefined;
    onlineSource?: SelectPageOnlineSource; /* online source definition, see https://skedulo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ProductDevelopment/pages/2623799357/Online+Fetch+-+Way+to+fetch+readonly+data+from+online+mode#Online-source-from-Single-Selector-%7C-Multi-Selector  */

Example: Adding a custom function to the OpenSelector behavior

Adding the behavior:

"behavior": {
  "type": "openSelector"
  "selectPage": {
    "itemTitle": "form.ShowCasePage.SelectDogItemTitle", /* Row item title */
    "emptyText": "form.ShowCasePage.SelectDogEmpty", /* Empty text when selector page has no data */
    "title": "form.ShowCasePage.SelectDogTitle", /* Selector page title */
    "searchBar": {
      "filterOnProperties": ["Name"]
    "dataSourceExpression": "sharedData.__vocabulary.DogTypes" /* Local filter option */
  "events": {
    "onDataChosen": "cf.handleDogChosen(items, pageData)" /* Trigger expression after user chooses data */

Adding the custom function:

function handleDogChosen(items: any, pageData: any, {extHelpers}: Extras) {
  if (items.length == 0)
  let item = items[0]
  extHelpers.data.changeData(() => {
    pageData.DogName = item.Label

The dynamic selector in the example above would appear as follows in the mobile extension:

Example of a dynamic selector

List of supported icons

Icon name (a - l) Icon Icon name (m - z) Icon
alert alert icon map map icon
attachment attachment icon mapPin mapPin icon
calendar calendar icon mobile mobile icon
camera camera icon more more icon
check check icon newMessage new message icon
checkCircle check circle icon offline offline icon
clock clock icon person person icon
copy copy icon phone phone icon
date date icon photo photo icon
debug debug icon search search icon
delete delete icon searchFilter search filter icon
edit edit icon select select icon
email email icon settings settings icon
fieldClear fieldClear icon shareAndroid share android icon
fieldSearch fieldSearch icon shareIOS share iOS icon
file file icon shifts shifts icon
filter filter icon signature signature icon
info info icon sms sms icon
job job icon target target icon
launch launch icon travelDistance travel distance icon
location location icon
logout logout icon