Download and install


Users selected to participate in the Skedulo mobile app v3 beta release will be provided with a link to download the new app from Microsoft App Center.

  1. Log out of your installed Skedulo mobile app v2.
  2. Open the provided App Center link on your mobile device, then click Download.
  3. Tap OK on the warning notification to download the APK file.
  4. After the file has finished downloading, tap Open.
  5. Tap Install on the Skedulo dialogue asking if you want to install the app. The dialogue reads App installed when installation is complete.
  6. Tap Open to open the Skedulo mobile v3 app and log in with your credentials.
App center confirm download screen

Switching between Skedulo mobile app v2 and v3

If you are experiencing issues that impact your ability to work while using the Skedulo mobile app v3 Beta, please report the issue to Skedulo by tapping More -> Feedback & Support.  

You must log out of the v3 app before attempting to log back into the v2 app.

Users cannot be logged in to both versions of the app at the same time.

Android troubleshooting

The following Help information is also available from the App Center Download screen.

While installing the app on Android, I get a security warning

“For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source." 

Chrome on Android 8 or higher:

  1. Click Settings on that dialog.
  2. Toggle Allow from this source.

While installing the app, I get a “There was a problem parsing the package” error

This error could be caused by a number of issues related to the downloaded file or package.

To troubleshoot, attempt to reinstall the app. If that does not work, contact Skedulo for help to resolve the issue.


The Skedulo Mobile App includes the following default options on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app:

  • Agenda - Daily view, weekly calendar, with monthly pull-down view.
  • Notifications - Unaccepted work and job offers.
  • More
    • User information
    • Settings
    • Feedback and Support
    • Privacy Policy
    • Log Out


The Skedulo mobile app v3 has been redesigned for better readability, navigation, and consistency - with enhanced layouts, larger text sizes, heavier font weights, and more contrasting colors.

This article includes the current list of supported accessibility features, with more features to be included in future releases.

Color contrast

All text passes minimum WCAG AA standards - with a contrast ratio of at least 4:5:1

Text resizing

Skedulo mobile app V3 respects the device’s Accessibility settings for large and dynamic font resizing.

Platform UI and controls

The new Skedulo mobile app uses native patterns and standard elements with already built-in accessibility support where possible.

The app supports larger controls, such as larger buttons, with larger tappable areas, and adequate spacing around elements.

Dark mode

Skedulo mobile app v3 supports dark mode based on the user’s device settings. This can be beneficial for users with low vision and light sensitivity.

Refreshing the app to update data on the screen

You can refresh or reload the app content on the Agenda and Notifications screens using the pull-to-refresh or swipe-to refresh action.

To do this, touch the top of the screen, drag down, then release.

Localization settings

The Skedulo mobile app displays language and date/time format based on your device’s localization settings.